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Steps to Christ Bible Study Guide - ORG
Steps to Christ Bible Study Guide - ORG | ISBN:978-1-934924-02-0

Steps to Christ Bible Study Guide - Original Text Version

Jesus stands before you with out-stretched arms and nail-pierced hands saying: "I love you and want to meet your deepest personal and spiritual needs." You are invited on an incredible journey through God's Word to get to know Jesus Christ-the only One who is able to meet the needs of your soul! This life-changing Bible study guide utilizes the text from the soul-winning classic, Steps to Christ, as commentary. Great for personal study and groups, the young and old, the first time searcher and life-long follower-this guide will reveal the simplicity of Christ's saving grace, the victory offered to you by His keeping power, and the secret to have an abiding peace as you have never known before.

Format: 5.5" x 8.5", 112 pages, perfect bound, laminated glossy cover. There are 16 lessons utilizing the 13 chapters of Steps to Christ as commentary. Three long chapters were divided in half.

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